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The choice of furniture is fundamental to create functional, elegant, harmonious and welcoming spaces, for each project many solutions are available. Our experience allows us to accurately select every minimum detail to create a pleasant and coherent furnishing. Our staff of professionals interprets the needs to outline a personalized project and attention to detail; we guide the various phases of the project thanks to our commercial contacts and national and international partnerships consolidated over the years, in order to guarantee the best possible product at a competitive price. Contact us for a free quote and you will have a pool of experts in furnishing advice!


We are professionals in this environment and for over 20 years have been satisfying the most sophisticated requirements, aesthetic and functional both.


We are able to offer the best solutions for residential homes (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, children's bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, beds, etc.) we have developed international skills also in the "contract" sector and we can facilitate the creation of an activity ( public as a new venue, hotel, restaurant) or company (offices, communities, etc).


This service is the beating heart of our business where all our experiences and continuous research of new architectural releases are fused and where the analysis of all the details is fundamental to have the right overview, which takes into account both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the feasibility and timing of supply and implementation.

Import / Export

After a first phase in which mainly our buyers traveled the world to import the best artisan products in Italy, we implemented our offer; backed by decades of partnership with a large and select pool of "100% Made in Italy" furniture manufacturers, it is now up to our consultants to travel and be "ambassadors of Italian quality" guaranteeing it in every commercial and technical process and, obviously, in supplies themselves .



The first rule of furnishings is that almost all other rules can be broken.

Billy Baldwin.

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